CutRight FAQs

If there are questions that are not answered by the FAQs below, please contact us.
CutRight does not launch after installation. What is wrong?
This is most likely due to the installer not gaining administrator rights during installation. Go to C:\CutRight\bin and run register.bat as an administrator (right click on register.bat and run as administrator). CutRight should launch after the batch file finishes.

What G-code dialect can CutRight read?
CutRight can read any G-code dialect that can be constructed through the customizable Post/Dialect module.

 What operating system does CutRight work on?
Windows (64-bit).

What 3D file formats does CutRight accept (for workpiece and/or reference model)?
For now, CutRight only accepts STL file format as workpiece and reference model input.

Can CutRight simulate 5-axis milling?
Currently, CutRight can only simulate up to 3-axis milling.

Can CutRight run subprograms?
CutRight cannot currently run subprogams.

Can I append to a toolpath file within CutRight?
CutRight can only read and edit one single toolpath file at a time. If you need to append to a toolpath file, you have to append externally first then load it into CutRight.

What end mills can CutRight support/simulate with?
Flat/square end mills, ball end mills, bull end mills, tapered end mills and tapered ball end mills.

Is there any way to import tools from a tool library?
When using a CAM APT file, CutRight automatically loads the tools used for the program into the tool library. When directly loading a G-code file, CutRight can only use the tools created within the CutRight Post+ environment.