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Introducing - CutRight Lite 2.0

A lightweight part-only simulator

For FREE personal use


Full-featured toolpath visualizer & G-code editor

Unparalleled (turbo) simulation speed

Built-in tool-to-part collision detection

Comprehensive part verification

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Whether it is for learning or verifying 3-axis G-code, CutRight Lite has you covered.


However... if

- Fixture collision avoidance is important

- Machine simulation is vital

- 5-Axis (including 4, 3+2 and simul 5) is required

- Commercial use is need (personal use and educational use licenses are also available)

Try CutRight 2.0


Full-fledged 5-axis machine simulation

Exhaustive multi-axis collision detection

Customizable G-code dialect

And the Simpoly promise

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